The Van Tuyl family can be traced back in history for more than 650 years till 1345 where Ghijsbrecht van Tuyl was " Hertog van Gelre".

In  "A van Tuyl chronicle" Van Tuyl & Groenendijk (1996) describe the history of the Dutch-American family.

For me it is unclear how many Van Tuyl's, except my nephews, from these parentage are living in the Netherlands. April 14 2000 the brothers and sisters of the children of our grandfather Marius Hendrik Albert van Tuyl (1883-1971) had their first reunie in Herwijnen, as shown on the picture below. A second reunie took place on September 7, 2002 and a third on January 15 2005 and a fourth on June 7 2009.


              1.  Fotos reunie 14-04-2000

               2.  Fotos reunie 07-09-2002

                3.  Fotos reunie 15-01-2005

               4.  Fotos reunie 07-06-2009


The family tree of this family is not yet completed in A van Tuyl chronicle, but more data are collected by JM van Tuyl (for information contact Jaap van Tuyl). March15 2007 Wim Wendte contacted me, he is a grand child of Goosen van Tuyl and Gertrui Donker. Goosen en Gertrui had a brother and sister also married together which were my grandparents Marius van Tuyl and Jacoba Donker. He had even pictures of both on his chimney piece. He gave me also a picture of our grand-grand parents Azwerus van Tuyl and Cornelia Loch.



  00040155a.JPG (68594 bytes)

The Van Tuyl-family during a reunie April 14, 2000 in Herwijnen (Netherlands).




Van Tuyl, R.L. & J.N.A. Groenedijk, 1996. A van Tuyl Chronicle.  704 pp., Anundsen Publ Co USA. 




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