Registration Fees
Early Registration Late Registration
Before 14 January 2014 After 14 January 2014
ISHS-members 200 $ 250 $
Non-ISHS-members 280 $ 330 $
PhD-students * ** 100 $ 125 $
Accompanying persons ** 100 $ 125 $
The registration fee includes: the Book of Abstracts, the proceedings published in Acta Horticulturae, the Welcome party (March 31, 17.00-19.00) and during the symposium lunch April 1 and 2 and symposium dinner April 2.
  * 20 grants (free registration and a cheap hotel arrangement) will be awarded for PhD-students. Applications including CV and abstract should submitted before 15 August.
** Proceedings (as a volume in Acta Horticulturae) not included.
  Payment Options

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Credit Card:

Visa, Master and AmericanExpress cards are acceptable for online and on-site payment.

Transfer between the Airport and the Symposium Hotel

To get to CMZD, you have to fly to Xiamen, the most famous coastal city of Fujian Province. Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport is about 40 kilometers to CMZD, and it is costly to take a taxi. The Organizing Committee will arrange complimentary shuttle transportation for Symposium participants on the following dates. Please arrange your itinerary accordingly.
March 31st – Whole-day airport and train station pickup
April 1st – Morning shuttle to airport and train station
The detailed time schedule will be announced before or during the Symposium.

The following is the timetable of airplane from Beijing to Xiamen and Shanghai to Xiamen


Beijing to Xiamen
Departure time Arrival time Flight No.
6:55 10:00 Hainan airline HU7771
7:25 10:15 Xiamen airline MF8170
8:55 9:50 China airline CA1809
9:35 12:25 Hainan airline HU7191
10:35 13:30 Xiamen airline MF8118
11:40 14:30 China airline CA1833
13:40 16:25 China airline CA1871
15:05 17:50 Xiamen airline MF8102
15:25 17:50 China airline CA977
15:50 18:40 China airline CA1815
16:15 19:05 China Southern airline CZ377
18:25 21:10 Xiamen airline MF8106
20:35 23:15 China airline CA1801
21:10 23:55 Xiamen airline MF8132
Shanghai to Xiamen
Departure time Arrival time Flight No.  Airport
8:05 09:45
Juneyao airline HO1189 Shanghai Pudong inter. airport
8:10 09:45
Spring airline 9C8833 Shanghai Pudong inter. airport
13:10 14:55
Juneyao airline HO1191 Shanghai Pudong inter. airport
16:25 18:00 China Eastern airline MU5563 Shanghai Pudong inter. airport
18:05 19:50
Juneyao airline HO1149  Shanghai Pudong inter. airport
21:10 22:45
China Eastern airline MU5675 Shanghai Pudong inter. airport
7:05 08:40
Spring airline 9C8815 Shanghai Hongqiao inter. airport
7:15 8:45 Shanghai airline FM9263 Shanghai Hongqiao inter. airport
7:25 08:55
Xiamen airline MF8518 Shanghai Hongqiao inter. airport
8:10 09:45
Shanghai airline FM9253 Shanghai Hongqiao inter. airport
9:20 10:55
China Eastern airline MU5663 Shanghai Hongqiao inter. airport
9:50 11:20 Xiamen airline MF8502 Shanghai Hongqiao inter. airport
10:45 12:15 China Eastern ariline MU5665 Shanghai Hongqiao inter. airport
11:20 12:50 Xiamen airline MF8512 Shanghai Hongqiao inter. airport
12:25 14:00 Xiamen airline MF8524 Shanghai Hongqiao inter. airport
13:50 15:20 China Eastern airline MU5569 Shanghai Hongqiao inter. airport
13:50 15:25 Xiamen airline MF8568 Shanghai Hongqiao inter. airport
14:35 16:10
Shanghai airline FM9259 Shanghai Hongqiao inter. airport
15:05 16:40 Xaimen airline MF8522 Shanghai Hongqiao inter. airport
17:35 19:10 Shanghai airline FM9261 Shanghai Hongqiao inter. airport
18:45 20:20 Xiamen airline MF8536 Shanghai Hongqiao inter. airport
19:45 21:30
Juneyao airline HO1193 Shanghai Hongqiao inter. airport
20:15 21:45
Spring airline 9C8863 Shanghai Hongqiao inter. airport
21:55 23:30 Xiamen airline MF8546 Shanghai Hongqiao inter. airport
The flights from Beijing to Xiamen or Shanghai to Xiamen were based on the flights information of March, 2013
There are two airports in Shanghai, which is quite far away from each other (more than 1 hour transportation)