Ornamental researchers, growers, breeders and anyone interested in taxonomy, physiology, pests and diseases, production, breeding and genetics and other aspects of Lilium are invited to participate in the

3rd International SYMPOSIUM on the genus LILIUM

Section Ornamentals International Society of Horticultural Plants
to be held in Zhangzhou, Fuijan, China, April 1-3, 2014
First announcement 31-03-2013

Keynote speakers:

Prof. Rina Kamenetsky, Israel - (Physiology of flowering)
Prof. Ding Mu, China - (Production and cultivation of lilies in China)
Prof. Ki-Byung Lim, South Korea - (Taxonomic and commercial aspects)
Prof. Hiroshi Okubo, Japan - (History of Lilium species in Asia)
Dr. Paul Arens, The Netherlands - (Molecular breeding)
Dr. Cor Conijn, The Netherlands - (Pests and diseases)
Prof. Bill Miller, USA - (Postharvest aspects)
Dr. Rodrigo Barba Gonzalez, Mexico - (Cytogenetics)
Dr. Xuewei Wu, China - (Lilium species native to China)