Scientific sessions on:

            Breeding techniques

            1. Biodiversity and CBD-treaty

            2. Breeders right (molecular approach)

            3. Interspecific hybridization and polyploidy

            4. Molecular breeding (mapping, GMOs)

                Breeding goals

            5. Flower colour and fragrance

            6. Resistance breeding

            7. Breeding and Genetics (general aspects)




                   (Preliminary) Program

               1. Introduction to the world of ornamentals

            2. Biodiversity and CBD-treaty

            3. Breeders right (molecular approach)

            4. Interspecific hybridization, polyploidy (M. Mii)

            5. Flower colour and fragrance (Y. Tanaka, Suntory)

            6. Resistance breeding 

            7. Breeding and Genetics 

            8. Molecular breeding (mapping, GMO)

            9. Marketing

           10. Workshop on molecular marker techniques (Sjaak van Heusden)