CALL FOR PAPERS (call is open 15-04-2008)

Submission of abstracts

 Abstract(s) for consideration as an oral or poster presentation (200 – 350 words) should be submitted to as e-mail attachment (MS Word) not later than 15 November 2008. Any presenting authors may submit two abstracts only, although he/she may be co-author of others.

Based on the accepted abstracts, the Scientific Committee will select among the contributions oral and poster presentations. This decision will be communicated to the first author by 15 December 2008.


Each abstract, including title, authors, institutions, addresses, e-mail and country, must fit inside one 16 cm width x 24 cm length rectangle centered on an A4 page. Summarize the scope and objective(s) of the paper, methodology, result and conclusions (350 words maximum). Do not include table or graphs in the abstract.

Use single space, Times New Roman letters and a font size of 11 pt. Type the title in capital letters and skip a line before author name/s and the text of the abstract. Indicate the presenting author with an asterisk. Specify your presentation preference (oral or poster).

Final Papers

Deadline for submission: 15 March 2009.

After abstracts acceptance, authors are requested to prepare a 6 pages paper fitting the ISHS Acta Horticulturae format. Instructions for preparation of papers can be found at:

SHS Authors Guide
ISHS Authors Guide (Downloadable pdf version)
Sample Article (Downloadable pdf version)

Oral Presentation

Invited lectures will be of 25 minutes. Accepted oral presentation, will be of 15 minutes. For each oral presentation 5 minutes for discussion will give the audience the opportunity to ask questions and make comments. The participants making use of projection equipment should set up the presentation at least 30 minutes before the relative session.

Poster Presentation

Posters will be displayed during the entire Symposium. However, there will be a special poster special discussion. The selected posters will have 5 minutes presentation then will open for the discussion.

Poster set-up will start Monday, August 31, 2009. Posters can be mounted on boards using double-sided tape. Poster should have maximum dimensions of 90 cm width and 115 cm height.


Presented papers will be subjected to review by an Editorial Board and published as two special issues of Acta Horticulturae  (one available during the symposium, the other in spring 2010 containing a selected number of poster presentations)